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Earl Stonham Farms

the premier producer of beef that is maize-fed for unparalleled quality

Our Wagyu sirloin wins
the UK’s top award

Earl Stonham Farms' Wagyu beef wins gold Great Taste Award

Judges comments:
"Totally exceptional taste, a fantastic eating experience. Excellent aroma and appearance with a beautiful, melting, soft buttery texture".

Where to buy

Our meat is available directly to restaurants, high quality butchers and other trade outlets - please contact us for information.

It is also available to the public at C. Lidgate’s butchery in Holland Park, London W11 and from their website nationally.

C. Lidgate butchery website


Our principal aim is to produce meat with exceptional eating quality and it is on this that the farm’s management and resources are sharply focused. We are committed to achieving this through sophisticated, though mainly traditional, stock management techniques which ensure the continuous good health and contentment of the animals in our care. The planting of large numbers of trees and hedgerows and the good care of the countryside, and harmony with our community, are part of our farming ethos.

We are the largest producer of Wagyu beef in the United Kingdom and, simply put, we believe we produce the best eating beef in the country. You can read more about these remarkable cattle via the Wagyu Cattle tab. We produce very high grade lamb from our flock of Speckle-Faced Beulah sheep and more details of these can be found via the Beulah Sheep tab.

More about our farm and its 600 acres of pastures and arable crops.

More about our Welsh Beulah sheep

More about these remarkable animals that produce excellent Kobe-Style English beef.