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Earl Stonham Farms

the premier producer of beef that is maize-fed for unparalleled quality

Our speckled-faced Beulah ewes are native to the Welsh hills but thrive in our Suffolk pasture, planted with highly nutritious grasses and white clovers.

Our Beulahs are crossed with MeatLinc rams which are specially bred in Yorkshire to produce lambs with considerable vigour and really outstanding conformation (body shape). The hill sheep heritage of the Beulah allows them to lamb successfully in the fields, which accords with our policy of minimizing human intervention in our animals’ lives. We are nonetheless ever watchful for those which may need our help.

The lambs spend their lives in the fields in which they were born and wean naturally on the pasture, where the high protein value of the clover element ensures that they need no supplementary feeding to come to maturity. Meat that is as natural as it can possibly be, of the first quality and much in demand from local butchers.