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Earl Stonham Farms

the premier producer of beef that is maize-fed for unparalleled quality

Earl Stonham Farm is set in the rolling fields of Suffolk and includes 450 acres of pasture and 150 acres of arable crops. We believe in traditional farming methods to produce meat the way we think it should taste.

The farm is designed to be broadly self-sufficient in that we are aiming to produce about 95% of our animals’ feed from within the farm, using their manure as fertiliser. Minimal use is made of chemical fertilisers and herbicides, and herbicides are only used for the spot-spraying of individual weeds on our pastures – they are never generally sprayed.

A large number of sheep and cattle graze our fields, as do hares – which we encourage – and rabbits (which we don’t!). The presence of such a large area of pasture in an almost exclusively arable part of Suffolk has done much to increase the biodiversity of the area, most notably in the presence of barn owls and kestrels.

Despite our low levels of rainfall our specially planted clover-rich pastures thrive, and we have planted over 600 trees and established over 2Km of new hedgerows during the past 3 years; more of both are planned.

The farm is our passion here at Earl Stonham and we try constantly to improve the landscape and the food that we produce.