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Earl Stonham Farms

the premier producer of beef that is maize-fed for unparalleled quality

Our pure bred Wagyu cows have free range to graze the clover-rich pasture at Earl Stonham Farm between the Spring and Autumn months. In the Winter, when the grass has stopped growing and the land has become boggy, the cows are brought indoors and housed in straw yards.

The cattle selected to provide our remarkable beef also spend the majority of their lives out on pasture when the seasons permit. During the finishing stage they are housed in revolutionary circular type of cattle known as a Roundhouse, designed to maximise the animals' contentment and facilitate easy handling. Their diet is supplemented with mainly locally grown maize, a highly nutritious ‘superfood’ for animals, enabling them to achieve the same eating quality as the Kobe beef of Japan.

Unlike Kobe, we do not feed our cows beer or massage them. Feeding beer helps to stimulate the cows’ appetite, causing them to gain more weight and marbling. We question whether the alcohol in beer is an appropriate food for animals. Massaging prevents sores in cattle housed in tightly confined areas, but our cattle are never confined in this way. We believe that kindly, but minimal, intervention in our animals’ lives is the best way to keep them contented. Contented cattle produce the best beef.


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